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Chinese NTDTV (May 29, 2014) Sharon Lawson interview clip.

[NTDTV May 29, 2014 Reuters]

San Francisco Bay Area housing prices rose 30 percent in 2013 , the momentum has slowed recently, but the increase in the nation's major cities are still ahead.  San Francisco correspondent reports.

According to the May 27 S & P / Case - Shiller published in 20 U.S. cities house price index display (Standard & Poor's / Case-Shiller 20-city home price index), in 20 major U.S. cities, San Francisco Bay Area house price growth the highest rate of increase of 2.4 % per month. However, because most Americans rarely able to take on increasingly high prices, national house prices in March, compared with the same period last year an increase of 12.4%, the growth rate declines from January and February. After strong growth in the first half of 2013, housing prices in recent months, and the housing market began to loosen .

Coldwell Banker real estate consultant Sharon Lawson: " In the Bay Area sometimes people do take out too much of their real estate equity, and not care about how to save their money!  People wants fast investment returns, without considering long term holding the assets (real estate properties) to have better returns. So we actually should pay more attention how we spend our money (equity) so we can have much better long term savings and investment returns…." About two years ago , home sales and construction began to recover from the economic depression. But last spring, substantial increase in mortgage rates resulting in decline in summer sales of existing homes.  

NTD reporters Lilin Zhao , Wang Xuefeng San Francisco Bay Area coverage of the news.

【新唐人2014年05月29日訊】舊金山灣區的房價2013年上漲了30%, 最近這個勢頭有所減緩,但漲幅在全美 主要城市中依然領先。來看舊金山記者發回的報導。

據5月27日標準普爾/凱斯-希勒發表的美國20城市房價指數顯示(Standard & Poor's/Case-Shiller 20-city home price index),在美國20個主要城市中,舊金山灣區房價增長率最高,達每月增長2.4%。不過由於大多數美國人很少能擔負起越來越高的房價,3月份全國房價與去年同期相比增長12.4%,這一增長率比1月份、2月份有所下降。在2013年上半年房價強勁增長以後,近幾個月房屋市場開始鬆動。

Coldwell Banker 地產公司顧問 Sharon Lawson「有時候人們拿出太多的資產(去投資),不關心如何省下自己的錢。在灣區這的人想事情來的快,不考慮持有資產(物業)的長期性和更好的獲益。所以事實上我們應需要更留心如何省下我們的錢。」大約兩年前,房屋銷售和建築開始從大蕭條中恢復過來。但去年春天抵押貸款利率大幅上升造成夏季現房銷售開始下降。新唐人記者李霖昭、王學峰舊金山灣區採訪報導.

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